2012, 22cm x 25cm, pencil on paper

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Måleriets fristad

I have been interviewed by the online magazine Rymden. (Swedish)

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Volontaire, 2012, 90 x 70 (medium),2012, 90cm x 70cm, oil on canvas

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6ft5 – Göran Arvidson

If you’re in Stockholm and you want to have your work photographed you turn to Göran Arvidson, an all-round professional and a real nice person. I highly recommend him.

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Salong! 2012

‘Self Portrait, 2009′ has been accepted to and will be on show at Helsingborgs KonstföreningsSalong! 2012‘ at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden, September 14 – November 25, with the grand opening on the 13th of November at 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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Stockholm’s Emerging Realist Generation

I’ll be participating with three paintings in the group exhibition Stockholm’s Emerging Realist Generation. Opening September 29, 18:00 – 22:00, Åsögatan 148, Stockholm.
As of yet not sure how many pieces will be on show but the people tell me it’s going to be a rather small exhibit. Small and cozy.
If you want to meet me in person I’ll probably be there for a couple of hours during the opening. Give me a call to make sure. Cheers <3 <3 xoxo

“The realistic and representational art movement in the Stockholm region has grown stronger in recent years. Those involved see it as a timeless and nonironic rediscovering of the craft of painting, the respect of skill and the love of beauty within the arts. This show is a collaboration between the artschool Atelier Stockholm and the artist run gallery Art Concept Store and will give you a significant taste of what Stockholm as a city has to offer of young emerging artists in this regard. This is their first joint public appearance.”

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2011, 30cm x 25cm, oil on panel

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DÄMONER!!! – utställning i Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Jag vill härmed hälsa er välkomna till ”DÄMONER!!!” – En personlig exposition av måleri, inspirerad av diverse förebilder, prestationsångest, och frågor rörande identitet.
Parallellt med ett händelserikt skede i mitt liv har färdigställandet av denna show inneburit en ovärderlig resa. DÄMONER!!! är mörkret jag lämnar efter mig då jag träder ut i ljuset.

Totalt 18 oljemålningar; nya verk blandas med äldre.
Jag kommer vara på plats varje dag från början till slut.

Vernissage lördag 13 november 2010 kl. 12-19
Utställningen pågår t.o.m. 18 november
Öppet: söndag kl 12-17, måndag-torsdag kl. 12-18

Galleri Svea, Gamla Stan
Köpmangatan 4
Stockholm, Sweden

Uppskattar om ni vill sprida detta vidare och bjuda era vänner och bekanta.

Facebookers, hemskt snällt vore om ni går in på ”eventet” DÄMONER!!!, klickar på den grå ”+ Select Guests to Invite”-rutan under bilden av Ingmar Bergman, och därefter bjuder folk ni tror skulle vilja besöka utställningen.

Det råder under utställningens öppettider kör- och parkeringsförbud i hela Gamla Stan.

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this site is only a few weeks old and there is still work to be done. Every other day or so I try to upload a few more images of my work. They’re all clickable, but it’s not possible to view them in larger format than how they’re currently presented. This will however eventually be made possible. We’ve got Sweden’s top tech-team working on it 24/7.
Please have a look around. Feel free to comment and / or share with me your opinions on whatever comes to mind.

Facebooker? Want to become friends? I tend to inform my friends about everything and nothing.

Facebook Super-Friend Val

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Three of my paintings have been accepted to go on show in Edsvik Konsthall’s Höstsalong. The show runs from October 30th through November 21st.
This is quite an honor for me, so if you’re in Stockholm at the time it’d make me happy if you’d like to go out to Sollentuna and show your support for this contender.

Edsvik Konsthall

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