Introduction to ‘World Champions of Painting’

In a series of three, four or five posts I will present to you the best pound for pound painters in the world today. You’ll get some of my humble thoughts on the three top players in this game of life and death. Each painter will be honoured with a blog post dedicated solely to her. I won’t be starting with the runners-up, but with the champion.

I shouldn’t write these if I didn’t beforehand communicate to you my conviction that this is all shit and disgraceful. We’re funnin’, we’re playin’, we are going through the motions. We’re reduced to putting a smiley face on our gross fall from grace. The Messiah died 350 years ago and there won’t be no resurrection.

Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (1599-1660)
Even accomplished people mentioned in any context involving Velazquez fade into nothingness. Or rather, considering the fact that an entity like Velazquez has walked the earth renders all of this – this blagg, me, you, the entire human race, pointless. Anyone or anything that came after Velazquez, or anything before him for that matter, is nothing more than a shameful skeet of life / energy / existence or whatever you wish to call that which we are wasting in this cesspool of stool.
Velazquez was the beginning and the end. He represents the zenith of human achievement and purpose, and we are all mere afterbirth at increasing speed heading for the apocalypse.

However, we must move on. There shan’t be individual self-destruction. Sadly, it’s in our genes not to give up. We all come from a long line of survivors; baby-making survivors. We too must make babies, and blaggs. We’re having a barbeque and everyone’s got to chip in.

Today’s top ranked superstar painting overlords:

1. Karin Mamma Andersson

2. Banksy

3. Neo Rauch

I may or may not write something about a couple of runners-up:
James Jean, Golucho, Anselm Kiefer, Michael Borremans…

Stay tuned!

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