I’ll be participating in a #paintingmarathon on Sunday. My friend and colleague Titti Hammarling here in Stockholm, and her Twitter friend Martina Anagnostou in Sudan, did one last week. Others joined in and it seems like good fun, a cool concept. You paint and paint ‘til you faint, all the while, if you wish, sharing updates of your progress on Twitter.

Working from dawn to dusk may be the norm for most real artists, but be that as it may, this amateur hasn’t touched his brushes for over a month. There are several things I’d like to do. Shit en masse has for a long time been just laying around, stinking the place up, collecting dust and boogers, making me depressed, robbing me of life force…  Still, there is so much potential in all this crap!
Why start slow when one can get the show on the road with an aggressive #paintingmarathon!?
Don’t want to tell you exactly what I have planned, so as to not risk sharing my probable disappointment when there is again too little time for my too many aspirations. I can tell you however, I will be mucking about with a range of things.

As mentioned earlier I’ll be sharing my updates on Twitter. Comments and photos taken with my iPhone 3, all up in yow hungover slacker Sunday screen!
If you don’t have a Twitter account or if you have one but don’t follow me (that’s ok, I guess), all that goes on there is open even for nonmembers; it’s possible to check things out. Check it out! My Twitter name is ValdemarLethin and the painting marathon hashtag is #paintingmarathon .
I wan’t to get started at 8:00 (GMT +1) at the very latest. Don’t forget that that night is the one when we are robbed of an hour.

Follow, if you don’t in incognizance want to wallow!

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