So..who are you voting for in this year’s election?

In the presidential election I will vote for Barack Obama because I believe he has a vastly superior plan to get many more Americans health insurance. He has also nominated two SCOTUS justices that make decisions that I feel are better for our nation’s interests than Romney has said he would. I really vote on 2 issues: healthcare and education. AND I see these as far more important to our country’s future economic strength, too, than absolutely any other issues. American is made of Americans. Educate them, make it impossible for their kids’ leukemia to bankrupt them, and they will kick ass here and around the globe. Look up Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. UNTIL Americans have their brains nourished and their bodies cared for better, they won’t give a shit about global warming, human rights, energy independence or foreign affairs. You start with the foundation! Barack Obama is so very far from perfect, but with the ACA, his education plans, and SCOTUS noms, I believe it is fair to say he is MONSTROUSLY, SHOCKINGLY more qualified to be president of this nation I love so very much.

Rob Delaney, on reddit

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