Open letter to Valle’s buddy

Hey Valle’s buddy,
Since I use facebook in part as a forum to promote my art and me – the artist, so I start now, even a Facebook page where I’m Valle Buddy. Knows that it can be useful to distinguish between the artist / professional man, and individuals.
This e-mail, you only if you are a close friend / someone I like to communicate with in any way / no I would follow here on fäjjan. My hope is that you want to be friends with both me – Valle Buddy, and with my Alterego – Valdemar Lethin.
You come as a friend of both of us do not have to put up with twice as many statusupdates o shit from me. It will be as much as before, and Liiita for – infrequent update on what I do in the studio. In Waldemar Lethin will only things that relate to my art, and perhaps one o another to still be “me” for my fans
My usual chatter be located at Valle Buddy page.
So if you appreciate both the beauty o the frustration in me, and if you want to go along with my desire to remain personal facebook friends, accept my friend request!
If you want to make do with my remains more polished / clean room artistry,
or if you are tired of döljt o me o my many statusupdates, as Valle Buddy is not for you. I take it personally, but at the same time understanding
Are you a friend who might shoot me sometimes, upload pictures here o tags, so I ask you to continue to tag me as “Valle friend”.
As I will clean up the Valdemar Lethin page. Remove inappropriate vulgarity, politically incorrect name, tags that I behave like strange …
You may be thinking – but hell, is MUSH buck really worth all this trouble?
Well, I’ve got me both friends and enemies over facebook, so I chose to try to drive safely.
Furthermore, this lodge appeal to me, rather, just kidding. Double Identity – Fun!
/ Valle

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