Konstrakan 2017

Turns out there’s an old student of mine living close by! Zacheriah Kramer invited me to join him at Konstrakan 2017 – On Saturday, August 26, local artists will be exhibiting their work outdoors along the main road here in our small city of Tranås. Zach and I are going to maybe paint each other’s portraits right there in the midst of everything. Crazy. By now I’m unsure as to where the brushy sticks go and on which side of the canvas I sit – brown or white? I hardly remember this activity “painting”.
Obviously not one of you will be able to come, but what kind of friend would I be if I only invited those I thought could/would make it?
Anyway, it should be fun! Zach’s got this serious and archaic look, in a good way. Pale white Christ. Think of that film with Mads Mikkelsen – Valhalla Rising, that’s Zach. Hope I get to give this a shot and I’ll try to take some photos regardless of where we end up on the success/failure chart.

IMG_1341Info in Swedish: https://www.tranas.se/upplevagora/aktuelltevenemang/konstrakan.6586.html


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